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Our Mission

Making Your Child’s World Better

At SHCS, the sky is the limit. Through encouragement, small class size, and the word of God, your child will become rounded in all skill areas that society will one day require them to have. A heart that cares, a drive to participate in community, and desire to serve others.

Small Class Sizes

Our teachers are dedicated to meeting your child where they are in their educational career so we can work side by side with them to push them further.

Certified Teachers

All our teachers are certified through the state and specific curriculum to teach in a private school setting.

TEKS Integrated Curriculum

The staff at SHCS is ready to teach curriculum that counts. Verified lessons and essential skills deemed necessary by the state are the foundation of our education.

About Our Academics

Is Private School Right for Your Family

We know parents are more concerned now than ever before about the quality and environment that public school presents. With issues like high student to teacher ratios, large class sizes, the lack of personalized teaching and testing for all students, and no foundation on faith, many parents have chosen to homeschool their children. 

When considering private school, many parents question whether teachers have proper certification, if legitimate curriculum is being taught, and consider the school’s experience and time in existence. Sacred Heart has made a commitment to meet parents where they are; as their child’s first true educator.

Why Choose Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart, Here for Learning

At SHCS, our promise to you is to fulfill our mission day in and day out, within each classroom. We offer the following within our academic structure.

Established by the Texas Education Agency, (TEA) TEKS has a required curriculum that must be taught for each student and determines the essential knowledge and skills that are deemed appropriate for each grade level they’re assigned to.

The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops shares and extends the ministry of the Texas bishops within the church community in order to provide an accurate, faith-based education to private students. With this comes the value of integrating Christian truths and values into your student’s overall total development.

SHCS has designed a curriculum that will meet the needs and talents of each student. By meeting students where they are socially and academically in smaller class sizes, our teachers take a genuine approach to grow your child with developmental and life skills they wouldn’t receive in a public school setting.

We recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children; therefore, we expect and encourage parent interest and involvement in all activities concerning the growth and development of their children. Faculty and Staff serve as partners with parents whose teachings and formation are in harmony with Catholic doctrine.

Faith based education is extremely important to our real-world setting, as well as in our school environment.

Our smaller class sizes allow for teachers to get to know their students while observing their strengths and weaknesses and then develop a plan to grow your child.

From our faith based curriculum, students will develop not only academically but socially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Each person is unique in their own way. At SHCS, we value the different characteristics of each person around us and allow for change to unite us.

Students are encouraged to learn more about themselves through experiencing the world around them.

Filling a role as a functioning member of society is extremely important. Your student will be encouraged how to think as opposed as being taught exactly what to think.

Students from all backgrounds and experiences will learn what it means to be a functioning member of society and the civic duties and responsibilities that it consists of.

More Reasons to Love

Education at Sacred Heart

Our campus strives to lead by example, by learning, loving, and serving just as Jesus did.

At SHCS, we encourage parents to use their voice in their child’s education path. Here, we will empower you to take initiative as you are an invaluable part of their life, and education.

Stringent application processes are implemented to ensure that our school is a great fit for your child. A sense of pride and belonging are felt from the beginning as we encourage opportunities to serve on campus as well as in the community.

Private schools are smaller, allowing for smaller class sizes and this dynamic alone allows for students to be more inquisitive.

Stringent application processes are implemented to ensure that our school is a great fit for your child. A sense of pride and belonging are felt from the beginning as we encourage opportunities to serve on campus as well as in the community.

Your student will be challenged to learn and grow along with their peers through rigorous academic excellence.

Is Private School Right for Your Child?

Being involved in a safe learning environment is important. We work hard every day to mirror the care, comfort, and lessons implemented in your home into our curriculum for ultimate success.

Bullying Recovery

The culture at SHCS places a strong emphasis on personal responsibility. We have a no tolerance policy on campus and treat all matters extremely seriously.

Struggling Students

A smaller setting means smaller class sizes. Your child will be provided the instruction and attention they deserve to succeed.

Kids with Special Needs

All children have learning needs unique to their learning style and special capabilities. We are here to help strengthen and support your child in every facet of their education.

Kids With Chronic Illnesses

There’s a place for every student here at SHCS.

Military Families

We know the strain different schedules can take on military families. Let’s discuss curriculum, academic planning, and after school care, today.